Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soumaya El Khashab Campaign and candidacy for the presidency of Egypt in the next election

The Egyption Artist Soumaya El Khashab Said in her front page on Twitter .. She decided to be the first Egyptian woman locked in the presidential elections in Egypt and that she has an ambitious plan to build in Egypt and its people and promote the elimination of unemployment ..

Sumaya said that it was time to take the Egyptian women's right to full and equal access to positions that were once exclusive to men and raised the slogan .. Equality between men and women in the work right and not just talk ...

She added that it has a broad fan base in the Egyptian street positioned to sweep the elections and the integrity of the well-deserved ..

They hoped to find Soumaya El Khashab quota of women among the other candidates for the Egyptian presidency.

It is noteworthy that several charges had been affected "Soumaya" because of the specialization of roles in the performance of bare, hot, through many of her previous films.


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