Monday, June 20, 2011

ElBaradei on National TV ; short and to the point

Last Thursday night Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei appeared for the first on air on the Egyptian national TV after his return back last year.

He did not speak for a long nor did he speak about his candidacy to presidency or his campaign and yet the interview was the best publicity he would ever get. Dr. ElBaradei made it clear that he does not seek a position and that what he wants is actually a better future for his country and his people.

Dr. Mohamed was clear to the point focus on his initiative ' The Egyptian citizen bill’ and his views about education and health care.
He spoke in numbers and this is very important. He made it clear that it does not contradict with Islam on the contrary it comes from the Holy Quran that stress on the human rights. He tackled the education point quickly. There were a lot of debate regarding his views about education and whether it should be free or not. ElBaradei since day one made it clear that we have in Egypt is fake free education yet he believes in the right of education and health care to all citizens.

ElBaradei spoke about that confusion about whether he would appear on national TV or not and he revealed that Lt.General Tarek Al Mahdy called him and apologized for that fiasco.

Of course some sources that say there were orders that Dr.ElBaradei should not speak about his campaign and that his segment would be 1/2 hour. Again as I hinted before it turned out that this did not affect ElBaradei’s popularity on the contrary it helped to raise his popularity against other potential candidates.

Another important thing Dr. ElBaradei mentioned and was not only interesting but also surprising and could be shocking for some , he met with field marshal Tantawy and general Sami Anan to discuss issues in Egypt especially the constitution. The commanders of SCAF made it clear to ElBaradei that the constitution committee will not be from one team ‘the majority team in the parliament’. One should be optimistic that someone like ElBaradei meets with SCAF from time to time , of course I do not understand why SCAF did not announce it in time.

Dr.ElBaradei was correct when he described SCAF as politically inexperienced council that suddenly found itself dealing with a flaming ball. Egypt indeed is like a flaming ball thanks to Mubarak.

Strangely people ignored that part about giving the good NDP members another chance , may be because we know that there are very few good NDP members.

I think Dr. ElBaradei is from the few candidates if he was not the only candidate that did not change his views like for instance Amr Moussa whom I am not ashamed from mentioning his name.

For sure we had a revolution because from a year ago these two men did not imagine that the day would come in less than a year and they would be sitting like that on Egyptian national TV.

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