Friday, July 5, 2013

Liliya Kitty Purring and Playing at the Same Time -Very Funny Cat !

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Funny Random Questions for Laugh!! Sam's Video TV (SV TV)
Comedy video -The loudest you had laughed was when..?

Sam's Video TV (SV TV) - Comedy video -The loudest you had laughed was when..?
Funny Random Questions for Laugh!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Email:-Lemon 10,000 times effective than chemotherapy

An email of unknown provenance received by a senior staff member of the Indian Council of Medical Research in Delhi, and hundreds of other ICMR scientists, claims that lemon can kill cancer cells and is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy.

The claim was attributed to research work carried out at the Institute of Health Sciences in Baltimore, USA, and so kick-started a debate in scientific circles, but the Institute denies having found lemon to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

‘Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. It is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumours. This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types,’ the email claims.

"The email did not come from the Health Sciences Institute. Whoever started this scam email did use some of our published material – which had nothing to do with lemons in any way – and inserted the information about lemons."

"It is erroneous and has caused us a great deal of trouble. However, most troubling is that it is giving false or un-tested medical advice to people suffering with cancer," the Institute pointed out when the email first originated in April this year

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 27, 2011 – Comet Elenin – Nibiru Orbit Path

By astrology

September 27, 2011 is now been widely discussed by many people, including scientist and so called mayanists around the world. Is there going to be an earthquake happening that day? Or is that the begining of the world’s end? Does the world is going to end at December 21, 2012? For the readers who visited to this site seeking an answer, please take this as a pure entertainment of discussing something strange that is getting more attention these days. I am too naive to know what is going to happen in the future or September 27th. I am using my skills in astrology to analyze some planetary combinations that could produce mass earth movements. I used that information to research if there are any relationship with Commet Elenin’s line up with Earth and Sun. These writings are based on my analysis and nothing else. You use your own judgement of conclusion. So let’s take our seat, sit back and enjoy our ride. You can all come back here and put your comments on September 28 and tell your experience. Consider this a an interesting topic for your amusement. You may also be interested to check out my September Astrology Predictions

Although I believe that there are supernatural powers out there that human cannot explain with any scientific proof, I am also not that superstitious about thinking that earth’s rotation will pause on comet Eleinin’s (a.k.a Nibiru’s) passing. I have to believe in what life I have now, do my karma (work)and follow my dharma (duty). I also think that, if any event such as the “re-cycling” of earth happens this year or next year or years to come while I am still alive, I will consider to be fortunate to be part of that cyclic change. I can imagine how it would be like to the people who where alive when Jesus or Krishna or Rama or Buddha or Mohamed were “living” on this earth. They were fortunate to see and live in a world with the “Gods”. So, in fact if anything happens it will be good, and you will get to go through the changes according to your path of karma anyway.
Before going further, let me explain you that NASA has not (publicly) announced the existence of Planet-X or Nibiru. But JPL has put out the orbit prediction diagram of the Comet Elenin’s path. NASA claims that commet Elenin is just a small ice ball that will make no impact on the Earth on its passing. But many believers (if you think you are not, you probably would not have reading this article now) think that Comet Elenin is indeed Planet-X or Nibiru. Since the discovery was relatively new (December 10, 2010 by a Russian scientist named Leonid Elenin) there were not too many details or accuracy available about comet Elenin’s size and mass or length speed etc. NASA claims that the path of comet Elenin “may” or “may no” change in the future considering any of activities happening when it comes under direct influence of other planets orbits. Very recently, NASA has also claimed that size of Elenin is too small that nothing changes on earth, just like in the history as Hale Bopp comet passed.

Anyway, let me come back to the point I wanted to write today. I traced back some years of seismic activities and was connecting that with Nibiru/Elenin/Planet-X influence. It was very weird. Every time Elenin lined up with Sun and Earth there has been larger (M7+) movements. Since the JPL projectile is so small, it is hard to zoom and visually see the line up while Comet Elenin was far from earth beyond years 1900. But what ever I was able to see was truly unbelievable. If history will help you to predict something, I would be watching September 27th, especially through September 29th when the degrees of most planets is in “relative” conjunction. Such as Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Venus at about 23 Degree, Mars/Mercury at 12 degrees and Sun/Moon at 11 degrees.

What really worries me is the positioning of Mercury/Saturn/Venus/Sun on September 29th, 2011. Mercury and Sun almost conjunct occupying “Hasta” constellation squaring Uranus and Pluto. Remember, that those days comet Elenin will be truly becomes the “Planet-X” lining with Sun and Earth, in the middle. So again, let’s hope nothing going to happen. But stocking up some extra water and food in your home will not harm you either.

Astrology chart constructed based on Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles, USA) reveals some interesting insights. Interesting time to watch is from 7:15 PM September 27, 2011 to September 28, 2011 2:00 AM (4:15 PM – 5:00 AM EST), when Mercury joins ‘Hasta’ constellation almost in conjunction with Sun, along with Moon/Sun and Venus. At the same time, ‘Maandi’ (please refer to Vedic astrology for more information about Maandi) occupies Pisces with Uranus. In an essense, now we a harmony, with Earth occupying the middle with Planets Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Maandi and of-course, Comet Elenin aligning in a line. Wow! if this had produced any effects in the past, say in August BC 3173?, when a similar line up may have occured. We could well see some interesting changes. But who know what that changes are? I am still going to get up, work and sleep that day. (Hopefully!)

I am not claiming that we have seen quakes only when a line up of Sun and Earth happens. But what I have seen is that when the line up occurred, there has been much greater scale of earth movements. Now, the point here to consider is that these past quakes that I could trace in JPL projected path, happened when Elenin were 2 to 8 a.u distance from the Earth (1 a.u is the distance of Sun from Earth). Considering Elenin will be merely 0.2 a.u from Earth when the next alignment happens in September 27, 2011, and between October 9th -19th, 2011 when it is closer to Earth, does tells me another picture. If Comet Elenin or Planet-X could influence such mass movement when it was far away, how much magnetic influence or force it could influence when a similar Sun-Earth alignment happens when it will be just 0.23 a.u distance from Earth?

If you want to think about how it will effect, consider placing magnetic balls with various sizes around a table, depicting planets positions around the Sun. Now, try to move the bigger magnet (which is considered Planet-X or Nibiru or Comet Elenin) in the path of comet Elenin and between Earth and Sun. You would see that the magnetic ball represents Earth not only moved but also was displaced. If you could imagine that a simple movement of Earth, what could happen to the life on earth? UN-imaginable….?

Now, the real point. I did spend some time with JPL graphic and composed the orbit path and projectile path of Planet-X a.k.a Comet Elenin. Then I plotted this against any special alignment with other planets and its orbits. Following are the upcoming dates that I expect any changes, if the theory of Planet-X is true. For the readers, please take this as a curious science of astronomy and astrology. And, please, if you like this recommend to your friends and comment your feedback below. Again, I encourage readers to make their own judgement as I am only expressing my thoughts. May be we all will continue the life as today just as normal as yesterday for very long time.

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